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Bill Lark is known as the Godfather of Australian Whisky. In 2015 he was inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame at the World Whisky Awards in London, becoming the first distiller in the southern hemisphere to receive the honour.

The vision of producing Tasmania’s first malt whisky was born on a fishing trip in the highlands of Tasmania in the 1980’s, when whisky lover Bill lamented to his Scottish father in law Max over an imported drop, “why isn’t there anyone making malt whisky in Tasmania?”

In 1992 Lark Distillery was born as a family affair with Bill’s wife Lyn integrally involved and his daughter Kristy becoming one of the world’s youngest female distillers.

From humble beginnings Lark Distillery grew to become one of the first companies to export Australian malt whisky to the US and has won a string of national and international awards.  

Willing to share his vast knowledge, Bill Lark has assisted countless start-up distilleries in Tasmania and has grown a hugely successful premium craft spirit industry in Australia.

Lark Distillery remains a boutique distillery dedicated to maintaining high-quality malt whisky using time honoured techniques. Now days Bill Lark is a global whisky ambassador and mentor, he has also been integral in the establishment of The Tasmanian Whisky Trail.